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  • Introducing AppLife Update 5.0

    AppLife Update 5.0 was published today and includes many new features.

    AppLife Update Server Support

    AppLife Server is the most secure and reliable platform to host AppLife Update packages.  With the release of AppLife Update 5.0, App

    Enable Cached Update Checking

    Previously downloaded but not yet installed updates are now cached locally and can be used to apply an update at a later time even if network connectivity is no longer available.

    New Update Actions

    Check File Exists

    Update Display Version

    Install .Net Framework 4.5

    Read File/Assembly Version

    Custom Update Window Improvements

    Support for including IUpdateUI implementation dependency assemblies into the update package.

    Save Downloaded Update and Director.Xml Locally

    API extensions allow for saving downloaded update packages and corresponding Director.Xml to a local folder.  This extension can be used to implement an updating scheme where multiple local installations can download an update package once and use it multiple times.

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