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  • .Net Application Updating in 60 Seconds

    The video below demonstrates how to update enable a .Net application in 60 seconds using AppLife Update.  And once enabled, maintaining deployed .Net applications is very easy.  In the video, you see an update created that replaces files and reads a registry key. The update then places the value from that registry key into the app.config file (an appSettings value). And for versatility, an MSI is installed and the registry key previously read in an earlier action is shown to the update user through a progress notification event initiated from C# code!

    This update video demonstrates a few of the common activities that are needed to update and maintain deployed .Net software. It only scratches the surface of what can be done with AppLife Update.

    If you are responsible for developing and maintaining a .Net application, you need to check out AppLife Update. Maintaining deployed release applications, as well as beta and QA installations have never been this easy.

    Posted at 3 March, 2010 | By :Brian Haas | Categories : Application Deployment | AppLife Update | Software Updating |